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Richie Milton
London, United Kingdom
MusicRevolution member since: April 5, 2010
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It's very hard sometimes to describe yourself ! So, here's a biog I've lifted from a cd cover;

Richie Milton's career was kick started in the late 60's, when he

appeared on national TV performing, "Got My Mojo Working", when

only 13 years of age.

In the early 70's he took up saxophone, and toured and recorded with

Freddy Macks Soul Extravaganza and reggae acts The Pioneers and

Judge Dread.

After switching to guitar he signed to Bell Records, releasing a single

and making further TV appearances. He went on to form "The London

Apaches", who became an established name on the then thriving

London R&B scene, releasing the single, "Lost In The Jungle", and

touring with the legendary Long John Baldry.

Richie Milton and his Lowdown originated as a 10 piece Rhythm and

Blues Review, who recorded the CD "Straight Ahead No Stopping",

which was released by Indigo Records, along with the follow up CD,

"Coming Back For More".

It was around this time Richie's songwriting was being noticed by

artists such as Ruby Turner and Otis Grand, who both recorded his

songs, paving the way for his well acknowledged talent as a singer and


Music Description

Rhythm 'n'Blues, old time Soul, ballads and latin and Rock'n'Roll !

And some jazz, country and a little bit of reggae,ska and zydeco.

Original songs and instrumentals recorded with male and female vocalists and top intrumentalists

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