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Single Track, CD and Subscription Licenses

We think music licensing should be easy, straightforward and fair. MusicRevolution offers three types of royalty-free music licenses for single tracks, CDs and subscriptions which are compared in the grid below.

Our Standard License is perfect for medium-to-small size projects. Our Premium License is ideal for global campaigns and very large organizations. Unlimited licenses are generally designed for major motion pictures & network programming and must be purchased offline by contacting us here.

To view the different prices, just select Standard Rights Pricing or Premium Rights Pricing at the top right of your screen and the prices will change across our website based on the rights that you select. You'll also have a chance to adjust your license settings in your shopping cart before you purchase.

Usage for Single Tracks, CDs and Subscriptions Standard License Premium License Unlimited License
Internet usage worldwide (websites, web videos) Yes Yes Yes
Broadcast television advertising & programming (network & cable) Up to 5 countries Up to 30 countries Unlimited # of countries
Broadcast radio Up to 5 countries Up to 30 countries Unlimited # of countries
Physical & online media for sale that incorporates the content (e.g., DVDs, audio CDs, video games, toys) Up to 5,000 units Up to 30,000 units Unlimited # of units
Physical locations (e.g., retail, office, on hold music) Up to 5 locations Up to 30 locations Unlimited locations
Live business presentations Yes Yes Yes
Personal use Yes Yes Yes
Public service announcement TV/radio broadcasts Yes Yes Yes
Media produced by certified non-profit or educational institutions Yes Yes Yes
Closed circuit television Yes Yes Yes
Kiosks Yes Yes Yes
Theatrical screens or stages Up to 5 screens/stages Up to 30 screens/stages Unlimited screens/stages
More than one project Yes Yes Yes

Music Stream License

Our Commercial Music Stream license allows the music to be played, or streamed, in one business or non-profit physical location or for one application (e.g., retail, in-store, office, on hold, website) for use as background or ambient music. Our Personal Music Stream License provides for personal use by a single individual user only, and does not allow commercial use. Our music stream license does not allow you to, for example, capture a recording of one track and use that track in your company video. It's basically an Internet radio station that you can play in your store or business, or on your website, without worrying about incurring any additional fees since we use only Non-PRO royalty-free music. Our music stream can be played on any Amazon Alexa-enabled device. For multi-location/application stream licenses, please contact us here.

Full License Agreement

For your convenience, with every MusicRevolution purchase you'll immediately receive an email including our full license agreement with all of your information included. Click here to view our full license agreement.

For an Unlimited license, please contact us here.

Third-Party Distribution and Bulk Music Licensing

The entire production music library of over 95,000 tracks is available for third-party distribution and bulk music licensing. We have an extensive selection of Non-PRO royalty-free music, also known as PRO-free music, for background music / in-store music for retail, restaurants and businesses, and for other commercial applications. For more information, please contact us here.