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  • Submit Music & Set Your Own Price
    Submit Music & Set Your Own Price
    • Using our super-fast upload page, submit up to 50 tracks at a time in both MP3 and WAV format.
    • Using our search-term menus, tag your tracks with metadata so our customers can find your music.
    • With MusicRevolution, you set your own prices for single tracks. If you're not sure what to charge, the system will default to our suggested prices. You can also change your prices later if you want to. Your music will also be included in our subscription, CD and stream offerings, for which we set the prices.
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    Get Approved

    Within 2 to 3 business days, you’ll receive an email notification from us about the approval of your submitted tracks. If your tracks are not approved, we will provide a general explanation so you'll know what needs to be improved with your production music.

  • Get Paid
    Get Paid

    We pay out royalties of 50% of every sale for each single track, CD and subscription sold, and 25% of every sale for our music stream. Payments are issued quarterly by PayPal or you can request payment by check (U.S. only for check payment) assuming your balance has reached $50 or more. In most cases, your payment statement will provide specific information about the project(s) in which your music was used (this requirement is optional for our customers).

  • Improve Your Skills
    Improve Your Skills

    Our forum is run by some of the most successful production music composers in the world. Just post a comment or question and our moderators will be pleased to address your specific technical or creative issue. We believe there is great music inside of everyone! Click here for our forums.

    Our blog provides informative entries about about the nuances of creating and selecting production music. Click here for our blogs

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