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Press release 01-11-11, An OnlineMarketplace For Production Music, Now Has Over 10,000 Tracks OfRoyalty-Free Music

(Trumbull, CT – January 11, 2011) – (, an innovative online marketplace for production music, today announced that its production music library now exceeds 10,000 tracks of royalty-free music.

“With over 10,000 tracks of high-quality royalty-free production music online, our community of professional musicians has helped us to reach the critical mass necessary to ensure that we can meet almost any music buyer’s needs. And with new tracks being added every day, our production music library is very dynamic and offers the latest production music,” stated Chris Cardell, Co-Founder of MusicRevolution LLC. “The range and depth of our production music library has also enabled us to create innovative new production music offerings such as our Internet Music Stream for retail, restaurant, fitness club, business and website background music,” added Cardell.

“We are extremely pleased with the participation of the hundreds of professional musicians who are part of the online marketplace for production music who helped us to achieve this milestone. The quality and depth of our musicians is tremendous,” stated Mike Bielenberg, Co-Founder of MusicRevolution LLC. “As a result, media producers, video producers, filmmakers and music buyers are able to access the best and the latest production music at,” added Bielenberg.

MusicRevolution’s royalty-free production music library includes every genre and style of music, including: On Hold, Fun, New Age, Rock, Comedy, Corporate, Drama, Energetic, Orchestral/Classical, Christmas/Holiday, Acoustic Guitar, Hip Hop, Retail, Sentimental, Advertising, Electronica, Country, Jazz, Piano and Vocals.


MusicRevolution ( is the Internet’s production music marketplace. We provide media producers, video producers, filmmakers, businesses and other music buyers with great royalty-free production, or stock, music at affordable prices for TV/radio broadcast, film, corporate video, retail & website background music, legal music for YouTube, on-hold music, and other business music applications. Our production music library has over 10,000 high-quality tracks and new royalty-free music is being added every day. offers four purchase options for customers-- single tracks, CDs, subscriptions and our innovative Internet music stream. As an online marketplace, Music Revolution provides professional and aspiring musicians with the opportunity to license their production music while learning from and collaborating with the best in the music community.

About Our Founders

Chris Cardell is the former President of Jupitermedia (formerly a Nasdaq traded company), which was the parent of Jupiterimages, and other digital properties. In this role, Cardell also lead the creation of Jupiterimages' online production music business, which resulted from a series of acquisitions of royalty-free music libraries and websites. Prior to that he was the President of Mecklermedia (formerly a Nasdaq traded company), creator of the Internet World trade shows and magazine. Cardell has been involved with digital content and E-Commerce since the mid-1990's.

Mike Bielenberg is the former General Manager of Jupiterimages' online production music business. He founded BBM, a royalty-free music licensing website that was acquired by Jupiterimages. Bielenberg's music can be heard on cable and network television during any given week. He has composed and produced music for IBM, Coca Cola, Microsoft, The Cartoon Network as well as several major commercial music libraries. He holds a music composition degree from Georgia State University and has received Aegis, Axiem and Telly awards for his original scores. Bielenberg is a professional composer/keyboardist and resides in the Atlanta area.


Chris Cardell or Mike Bielenberg