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Starting at $119.99 each, these CDs of our very best tracks are a terrific value. Each CD contains 10 tracks and can be downloaded at the time of purchase in WAV or MP3 format. You can also have the audio CD physically mailed to you (shipping charges apply).

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    Retail, Vol. 1

    The cool booming music of mall clothing stores or unplugged jazz in upscale coffee shops is yours for the taking on this royalty-free compilation of retail music. Environment is everything. The tracks on these CDs will make your place of business “stickier” to foot traffic, invoke a sense of sophistication, and just make it a nicer place to be.

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    Jazz, Vol. 1

    We're proud to say that jazz music, like baseball, is an American invention and revolutionized the concept of improvised music. So what does this mean to your media project, dear customer? Jazz often conveys the same kind of timeless vibe as classical music, but without any of the pretense. The bebop jazz grooves in this collection, including genres like acid jazz, fusion and big band are classy and relaxed. This stock music CD of royalty-free jazz will give any video producer a shortcut to Birdland.

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    Rock, Vol. 1

    Put a tattoo of mom on the arm of your video production with this amazing compilation of heavy rock, pop rock, soft rock, vintage rock, blues, southern rock, psychedelic rock and more. The guitars on this production music CD scream, weep, seduce, lull and comfort but not usually all at once. Digital effects have allowed guitar players to go places in the last decade that Jimi Hendrix only dreamed about. Experience the best royalty-free music our guitar-based composers have conjured to augment your video.

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    Orchestral/Classical, Vol. 1

    One of George Lucas's greatest creative decisions was using a live symphony for the Star Wars soundtrack. Why? Because he knew that orchestral music is timeless. One of the easiest ways to tell which decade a TV show comes from is to wait for the first music cue. But orchestral music, with soaring strings, brass, percussion and wind instruments transcends all fads and trends. This royalty-free CD contains stunning tracks that use the same classic instrumentation used for every great story told since Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries.

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    Sentimental, Vol. 1

    Sometimes the words aren't enough. Music has been the universal music of love and pain since the very beginning. This royalty-free stock music CD of sentimental music is the perfect collection for a variety of videos including weddings, funeral/memorials, public service announcements, fund raisers, baptisms, communions and other religious ceremonies.

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    Piano, Vol. 1

    The acoustic piano has an emotional range unlike any other instrument. This CD of royalty-free piano music covers the full breadth of what the piano can do both sonically and aesthetically adding a cache to your presentation that feels both intimate and strengthened. Educational media, on hold systems and television drama all share a heavy usage of the instrument Kenneth Miller called “A world of pasture and storm, of perfumed smoke, of liquid mathematics.”

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    Comedy, Vol. 1

    Stock comedy music doesn't necessarily mean the slapstick, Looney Tunes style of mimicking every onscreen action with a musical change (although this production music CD has that too). It can also mean a steady, quirky beat and nothing more (got that too). It can also mean a slow, funeral march underscoring a despondent Woody Allen character after being dumped by yet another stunningly, beautiful actress.

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    Holiday, Vol. 1

    The Holiday music tracks on this CD are all royalty-free and can be found in the public domain. Our recordings of these timeless holiday classics are perfect to be played in retail establishments, on hold phone systems and online greeting cards. Check out the warm, inviting sounds of these impeccable holiday tracks.

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    Advertising, Vol. 1

    One look at a super-slick car commercial tells us that advertising music is a universe unto itself (much like advertising people). This is production music that doesn't necessarily steal the show from your VO talent, but certainly has its finger on the eject button. These tracks, drawing upon every genre from chill out techno to southern rock n roll, tell a story by themselves. As Sharon Stone might suggest--talking is optional.

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    Vocals, Vol. 1

    Our music contributors are the most talented people on earth and produce songs of every type. A track with a lead vocal is always shooting for the fences in terms of film and video placement. We realize that vocal tracks may not always fit underneath a VO explaining a business strategy. But, sometimes the message you're trying to convey just has to be sung. And we think the vocal tracks on this CD of production music have the potential to help tell a great story.