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Announcements from the MusicRevolution team.
Jun 19, 2019
by MusicRevolution1
2622 11 Jan 20, 2013
by MusicRevolution1

Site feedback...?

From my experience, library forums are always a great place for contributors and clients to make suggestions about tweaking the site for a better user experience, so I figured I'd get this thread going with a couple of composer suggestions. 1. Can we have more instruments added to the tagging process? We could really use "cello", "violin", "drums", "percussion" and "orchestra". 2. Some more film genres would be great too - "sci-fi", "horror", "romance" and "wedding" Also just wanted to say congratulations on launching a great library - seems there's already a lot of good activity! Onwards and upwards...
Jun 17, 2019
by entropik
1726 2 Oct 6, 2010
by admin

Track views

Is it possible to see how many views a track has?
Jun 18, 2019
by biala
2290 1 Aug 25, 2011
by aron.szigetvari

Is anyone actually buying anything?

I would have thought I'd have sold something by now, what's going on?
Jun 16, 2019
by Markoni
3485 5 Feb 17, 2019
by youngriffaka00

Questions about the search engine's interaction with track descriptions and keywords

Is the description we enter when we upload visible to clients? Should the description section be used primarily for keywords? Does a multi-word search only find exact matches, or will it match even if the words are out of order? Does search prioritize anything? ie Title, description, influences? Thanks! Steve
Jun 18, 2019
by stevericemusic
819 1 Apr 29, 2017
by stevesmith

How are sales for 2012

How are everyones sales on here doing so far in 2012. There isn't much going on in the forums, I hope this site is not dead. Personally my sales on this site SUCKKKKKKKKKKK. Hopefully they will eventually pick up.
Jun 13, 2019
by muscosound
684 0 No posts yet

still zero sales...

several months here, with a lot of audio clips and still zero sales... are you actually selling some music here?!?
Jun 13, 2019
by bosone
996 3 Apr 22, 2013
by MusicRevolution1

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Jun 18, 2019
by annamartin
229 0 No posts yet

Never be a writer if this bothers you now?

The worst assignment is always "Choose a topic and tell me about it." This elicits immediate wide eyed panic and anxiety. "What do I write about? How do I choose something? When do I stop writing? What's my angle? OMG - why does this instructor hate me so?" I would MUCH rather be told, "Write an essay on the fast food industry" than "Write an essay on something generally food related." Creative writing classes need those rules. You become a better writers through different exercises and writing where you don't feel comfortable/haven't written. This also prevents people from trying something too hard. I've facepalmed so many times when other students complained the professor wouldn't let them start their fantasy epic.
Jun 18, 2019
by itskate
60 0 No posts yet

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Jun 18, 2019
by CharliBlue
79 0 No posts yet

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