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Super Bowl ad for Google

Super Bowl ad for Google
Dec 6, 2023
by MusicRevolution1
4204 3 Jun 10, 2019
by carterjack

Archived Track Request Submissions (12/2012)

These are posted responses by musicians for specific customer track requests prior to 12/2012.
Dec 5, 2023
by MusicRevolution1
9976 115 Aug 25, 2011
by Rick Dickert

Tracks being used in retail grocery store

So a big licensing opportunity has come up where a bunch of our tracks are being used in a retail grocery store chain. Do you have tracks sitting around that are at least 2 minutes in length and don't contain any rough edges?. If so, start uploading them. If they're already active in our system, respond here with the track title so we can make sure we didn't miss it.
Dec 4, 2023
by MusicRevolution1
4591 2 Oct 17, 2014
by DKLdavis68

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