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Forum / Tools for the Creative Process / The Artists Way by Julie Cameron

The Artists Way by Julie Cameron

The Artists Way by Julie Cameron

  • MusicRevolution1 Apr 27, 2010, 23:20

    The Artists Way by Julie Cameron teaches habits that can unclog your creative process and get you in touch with your "inner creative child".

    This book led me to places I never imagined, like being the lead singer in a garage band that cut an EP at a major studio.

    One of the techniques is called "morning pages" where you write stream-of-consciousness thoughts in a notebook WITHOUT allowing the pencil to stop.  That in itself can be really, really difficult at first until you start to actually read the nuggets of cool stuff that come out.  That "no fear, no filter" mentality is a big part of being an artist.  This book can help you build those muscles and trust your creative instincts.

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