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Late Night Moods
Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
MusicRevolution member since: April 23, 2016
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Hi, I'm a keys player and I like making up grooves to existing jazz and Latin standards. Over the last year I've been mainly working on original numbers.

I started playing the piano as a kid, then took up the trombone and played for fun in various local amateur bands and orchestras. Then at 18 went to college and didn't do anything musically for many years. Started playing the saxophone and tuba more recently, and in the last four years or so got back into the keyboard which is now my main instrument.

I like making up jazzy late night music & music you can listen to when traveling. Sounds like a strange thing but I find the most enjoyable part of a holiday is the traveling part, whether that's on a plane , train or even a car on a quiet road with some nice views. Looking through a window with a changing view, in a bubble of suspended time between two worlds, that's what traveling feels like to me, and I like to write music that sounds that way.

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Mark Dorricott is a UK-based keyboard player, composer, and producer who writes everything from Jazz and Latin based numbers to more contemporary Ambient and New Age piano music. His work can be described as esoteric and cinematic, ranging from strongly thematic to dreamy and atmospheric. Mark has released several CDs, the latest being "Soul Lounge," which is a NuJazz compilation featuring Fender Rhodes electric piano and acoustic piano works of various styles from contemporary late night Jazz right through to mellow ambient tracks.

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