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Mark Krurnowski
clermont, FL, United States Of America
MusicRevolution member since: April 5, 2010
Tracks in portfolio: 51


Mark Krurnowski’s instrumental music has been included in programming on ABC-TV, ABC Family, The Weather Channel, The Bravo Network (Emmy award winning series, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List), The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, Outdoor Channel, Versus Sports Network, The Oxygen Channel, The Science Channel, WTBS and XM & Sirius satellite radio. In April 2006, Mark started a great relationship with the Weather Channel and has since had over 8,000 plays on the network. In April 2009, Mark composed the music for “Believe In Me”, a song which appeared in the film “What Goes UP” starring Hilary Duff, Steve Coogan and Molly Shannon. The tune includes Cave Wilson on drums and Ken Kaufman on piano. Mark’s music has also been used internationally in television programming in Australia, Mexico, France, the Netherlands, Japan, Chile and Canada.

His instrumental styles include surf, acoustic, hard edged rockabilly, pop and transitional guitar elements.

Music Description

Bluesabilly surf rock intrigue. Funky quirky smooth pop songwriting applied to all forms of stringed instruments. A better description will be formulated by taking a listen - thanks!!

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