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Wattenwil, Switzerland
MusicRevolution member since: August 15, 2013
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Hi there!

I am a full time producer, songwriter, sound engineer and keyboard player and I compose and record songs since over twenty years for albums, commercials and films. I run my own studio for recording, mixing and mastering and I’m producing albums and ad’s for all kind of people in different music styles.

Since I was a little boy i started to make music on an electronic organ. Later in the year of 1988 I bought my first own synthesizer and two years later I started recording with my first computer. Soon I wrote my own songs, as you see, I’m still doing it today, more than ever before!

Music Description

I provide a very wide range of styles: Motivational corporate tracks, cinematic style, romantic piano music, rock, pop, orchestral, modern dance music (house, trance), funky, jazzy.

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