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Skip Peck
New Cumberland, WV, United States Of America
MusicRevolution member since: April 5, 2010
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The Skip Peck Trio with vocalist Donna Peck is a family operation all the way. The music of these four individuals has a definite genetic blend, which is evident in the way they communicate on stage and in their recordings. They've recorded 6 CDs and their latest is called Mirage. It features 11 original songs in a wide range of jazz styles, from swing and Latin to heartfelt ballads and feel good blues. From jazz standards to a wealth of original songs, pianist/composer/lyricist Skip Peck and his wife, vocalist/lyricist Donna Peck have been performing and writing music together since they were married in 1973. They were joined by eldest son Nathan Peck on acoustic and electric bass when he was just 15, and he now lives and works in NYC and tours the world with a variety of great jazz artists. Skip Peck is a composer of prolific stature!!! He licenses his music world wide for use on TV and in films. You can find music by Skip Peck in a multitude of genres from jazz to Latin to orchestral pieces, tangos, and much more. Skip Peck is a winner of the W.V. Cultural Center Fellowship for Composing in 1995, as well as several Merit Awards from the Billboard Magazine Songwriting Competition.

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