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The Aurorae Initiative
Boronia, Victoria, Australia
MusicRevolution member since: July 18, 2010
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As a musician/composer I am all about using music to expand our view of the world, faith, love, family and the pursuit of our dreams.

I have been playing music for over 12 years and have been involved with many studio and live projects.

As I am predominantly a studio musician, I take great joy in the creative process (whether I'm writing music by myself or collaborating with others).

Over the years I have collaborated with many artists across Victoria, Australia and continue to do so today.

Music Description

My musical background has always been of a varied nature. A lot of my musical influences come from movies, as well as mainstream and independent artists.

Some of my influences include: Jon Foreman (Switchfoot), David Helpling, Jon Jenkins, Martin O'Donnell, Edward Shearmur, Michael Suby...just to name a few.

I am capable of composing music of any genre to fit any mood or presentation. Anything from ambient, to pop as well as rock to classical, I endeavour to explore every style of music and re-create it.

My music can be described as highly-emotive, pensive and inspirational.

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