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Darko Saric
New York, NY, United States Of America
MusicRevolution member since: May 2, 2010
Tracks in portfolio: 40


Darko Saric is a composer/producer with a BA in Music Composition from the National Conservatory of Lima, Peru, where he also studied Sound Design and Music for Film and TV. Darko began his career in Lima working with Peru's top bands and solo artists. While there he began to compose music for independent films, corporate videos and advertising.

Now residing in New York City, Darko is composing music that has been featured on network and cable television, including CW11, ABC, NBC, AMC, MTV and ESPN, and in numerous independent films.

Music Description


•"Valentine" Promo (CW11)

•"Mad Man" Promo (AMC)

•"20/20" (ABC)

•"Good Morning America" (ABC)

•"The Bachelor" (ABC)

•"Army Wives" (Lifetime)

•"Celebrity Rehab" (MTV)

•"Real State Intervention" (HGTV)

•"Access Hollywood" (NBC)

•"Best Damn Sports" (ESPN)

•AMC (Various Promos)

•ESPN (Various Promos)

•"The Travis Pastrana History" (ESPN2)

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