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Cullen Film Music
Wyke, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
MusicRevolution member since: March 3, 2010
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Entropik is the award-winning partnership of husband and wife Dan and Deryn Cullen. Dan (composer/ producer/ guitar) pays tribute to the gods of prog and the orchestral masters of the 20th century from Mahler to Stravinsky. Deryn (cello/ composer) is a worshiper of classical music in general with a strange bias towards anything written for cello. Entropik have worked with ESL Music and have composed and recorded music on two critically acclaimed releases. They have composed scores for feature films, short films and video games, and have had their music licensed for ad campaigns, TV series (including a recent episode of 90210) and live events. When they're not making music, they like to try out sleeping and eating, and they are partial to wine in both settings.

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The People's Music Awards 2011

Finalists: Classical Category (final round still under-way: Vote for Entropik here)

Hitachi G-Tech Driven Creativity Award 2010

Runners up: Professional Music Category

The People's Music Awards 2010

Runners up: Electronica/ Dance Category

Humfest Film and Music Festival 2009

Best Music Score

The People's Music Awards 2009

Finalists: Classical Category


90210 (Season 3 Episode 17) (CBS Television Studios)

Mainstream teen drama

The Aspinall Foundation (DTV Group)

National and cable advertising campaign

Reel Rock Film Tour 2010 (Big UP Productions)

Extreme rock climbing DVD release

Out of the Shadows (Dendrite Studios)

Extreme ski film to be released in August 2010

The Price of Oil (Aerial Filmworks)

Short film featuring stunning aerial footage of the Gulf Coast pre-spill - 2010

The Tree of Life (City Interactive)

PC game - part of the Chronicles of Mystery series - 2010

Enfant (AdamR)

Won "best short film" and "best score" at Humfest 2009

Wolf at the Door (Groovy Broomstick Productions)

Dramatic short film set in a post-apocalyptic world - 2009

Le Cinquième Jour (David Forest Animation)

Won "Best Short Film" award at Cégep du Vieux Montréal - 2009

TSA Video Game (Homeland Security)

Interactive training video game designed for the TSA in America - 2008

Bane (Amber Pictures)

Won "Best Horror Feature Film" at the LA Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival; Shriek Fest 2008

The Corpse Wore White (Mica Films)

screened at the "Audience Choice Award Film Festival" 2007

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