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Joey Stebanuk
Medicine Hat, AB, Canada
MusicRevolution member since: December 13, 2010
Tracks in portfolio: 790


Joey Stebanuk is an instrumentalist from Canada that composes in various genres and styles , Rock, Southern Rock, blues Rock, Retro, Pop, DreamScape, Cross genre, Down tempo, Blues, Classic rock, solo acoustic and electric, Country, comedy Country, Americana, full instrumentation and solo. Joey is an alternative to computer generated music. Joey is known for his outstanding versatility delivering authentic and convincing performances within all his genres. Joey's music has unique character and a personal style high in mood ,emotion and personality. Joey's music has been placed on many television shows, cable and major network, television and radio commercials, feature films, commercials, corporate videos, DVDs, photography videos, fashion videos, web videos, etc. and is also being used in various venues as background music. Joey's featured instrument is the guitar, electric and acoustic. Joey's music is timeless and his musical offerings will satisfy and meet the needs of various styles, genres, moods and emotions.. If you need something unique ,original,interesting but familiar give his music a listen.

Music Description

Joey's music is described as fresh, original and unique. High on emotion and character. Great for any media useage. Joey's music has a very " human " sound and feel. Joey's primary instrument is guitar and is featured in most tracks. If seeking something a little different and to set your media apart from the crowd Joey's music may be what you're seeking.

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