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Mondovi, WI, United States Of America
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At liftedCREATION we offer completely royalty free, computerized, production music that range in musical genres from classical piano to down right gritty electronica.

Our production soundtracks have the potential to greatly enhance your media presentation.

All of our royalty free production music is instrumental, this is to provide you with an open sound space which you can add any extra sounds or voice-overs.

Our royalty free production music is perfect for your next indie film, television commercial, radio ad, public announcements or as background music for any media production such as games, podcasts or internet applications.

Be sure to contact us for any of your future projects if you do not find what you are looking for in our royalty free stock music catalog. We crave making solid royalty free production music.

Music Description

We make custom production music for Short Films and Movies, TV Commercials, Radio Advertisements, Internet Web-sites, All kinds of Games, Intros/Outtros, Ringtones, Sound-Effects, Voice talent, Male or Female, is available.

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