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Matthew Reid
Toronto, ON, Canada
MusicRevolution member since: October 16, 2010
Tracks in portfolio: 37


Classically trained Composer Matthew Reid has an impressive background. He currently creates and performs his eclectic soundtracks live for The Second City-Toronto, resulting in many award-winning reviews. As a specialist, Matt provides live soundtracks for comedic and improv theatrical productions, and performs with comedians from SCTV, SNL, and Whose Line is it Anyway? His orchestral songs have been performed by the esteemed Toronto Symphony Orchestra and other works featured on The Comedy Network, The Food Network, and ESPN Classic.

Matthew Reid has composed music for theatrical productions for over ten years, and here is what the critics are saying:

"… truly delectable score by Matthew Reid"- Richard Ouzounian TORONTO STAR

“Matthew Reid adds texture and oomph to scenes with some well-placed notes”- Glenn Sumi NOW

“Matthew Reid is the master of music”- Paula Citron CLASSICAL 96.3 FM

"Nicely fitting musical accompaniment"- Brad Wheeler GLOBE AND MAIL

“Matt Reid’s improvised musical background never misses the mark”- John Terauds TORONTO STAR

"... if you are film producer and / or you are looking for some background music for one of Shakespeare's plays or something similar, well look no further." - Peter Massey GREEN MAN REVIEW

Music Description

Working with Second City, the legendary comedy theatre, Matthew's had to create an extremely varied catalogue of music. From the fierce 20th century classical sounds of Shostakovich to the modern, trippy vibe of electronica, from a soulful and earnest power ballad to a pulsating and exotic bhangra, he's been expected to deliver any styles the scene requires. That being said, he's happiest creating music in classical styles, and is a specialist at creating authentic sounding imitations of historical music.

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