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Matthew Schildt
Alamosa, CO, United States Of America
MusicRevolution member since: January 7, 2014
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I am a pianist/composer from New York now living in Alamosa, Colorado. I teach music at Adams State University, have played piano/keyboards for several PBS documentaries, and have had music used in several theater productions and films. I have also performed as a violinist and violist in several bands in Colorado and Northeast Ohio. My CD Open Spaces features 12 original compositions, ranging from upbeat and jazzy to pastoral and introspective. The songs range from solo piano to fully orchestrated compositions with violin, viola, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar, percussion, bass, and french horn.

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My music ranges in style, from quiet and introspective to upbeat and jazzy. My compositions are mostly piano based, and many songs are fully orchestrated and lushly arranged. In addition to acoustic compositions, I have also written many ethereal, ambient synthesizer-based pieces.

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