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Cha-Am, Phetchaburi, Thailand
MusicRevolution member since: May 24, 2011
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Evgeny Kiselevich (soundroad) has worked in a number of different studios in Russia, Germany and Italy as an arranger, composer, and guitar player. His music has been used in a variety of advertising projects and TV Shows including Mercedes-Benz (Canada), Škoda, Shell, HP, Garmin, Autosport International (UK) and featured on MTV, VH1, VIVA, ITV 4, Sky Sports, Discovery Turbo, RTL, SAT.1, VOX etc. He now lives in Thailand composing music for movies, TV and radio as well as arranging songs for various musical projects.

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Rock, Pop, Electronic, Upbeat, Energetic, Inspirational, Motivational

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