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This dreamy light guitar instrumental gives you a tranquil yet hopeful feel, played with two guitars (steel and slide). Welcoming, warm & friendly nu-folk, with a real feelgood vibe. Conjures up visions of long hot sunny days in the countryside, idyllic rustic living, or peaceful country life.

Nostalgic Catchy Sunshine Summer children kids Calm Casual Dreamy Easy Happy Hopeful Inspirational Joyful Light Optimistic Positive Passionate Positive Quiet
Adventurous, Beautiful, Calm, Comforting, Fresh, Friendly, Light, Meditative, Mellow, Peaceful, Positive, Romantic, Sentimental, Slow, Soothing, Spacious, Sweet, Tender, Trance, Tranquil,
Cowboys & Indians, Nature, Road Trip, Rural / Country, School / Education, Science, Section / Credits, Spa & Relaxation, TV Instrumental, Western

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