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Starting at $119.99 each, these CDs of our very best tracks are a terrific value. Each CD contains 10 tracks and can be downloaded at the time of purchase in WAV or MP3 format. You can also have the audio CD physically mailed to you (shipping charges apply).

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    On Hold, Vol. 1

    Pay only once for this great CD of professionally produced, non-offensive, totally hip royalty-free on hold music. These tracks were expertly designed and lovingly selected with the sole goal in mind to contain and control your customers' blood pressure levels with soothing, but energetic music that doesn't sound dated.

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    Corporate, Vol. 1

    Get your message across with emotion and energy with production music tracks that juxtapose the best elements from several styles of music without focusing on any one style in particular. To us, good corporate music means a stock music track that draws upon the “cool-ness” of techno, the positivity of pop rock and the size of a Hollywood movie soundtrack. These tracks are perfect for your PowerPoint presentation, website video, TV spot, trade show video, company meeting and more.

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    Acoustic Guitar, Vol. 1

    No instrument conveys “friendliness” like the acoustic guitar. The royalty-free acoustic guitar tracks on this CD come in a variety of tempos and keys, but all contain a certain kind of warmth that can only be created with a well-crafted, well-played six string acoustic guitar.

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    Electronica, Vol. 1

    Electronica is a broad term that encompasses a huge number of music styles, all of which clearly and audibly were created by or with computers and electronics. Not just the blips, beeps and sweeps of the original Micro Moog, but even acoustic music that's been wonderfully mangled by the hands of a skilled digital audio whiz. Our stock music library contains progressive trance, drum and bass, hardcore, house, ambient, down tempo, dub, garage, two-step, jungle, chill out and more!

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    Fun, Vol. 1

    There are a million ways to say, “Loosen up, man!” and that means lots of different genres on one great production music CD. Everything from an opera singer to a kazoo/banjo duo has potential to communicate a light-hearted mood in your media production. For this CD, we didn't discriminate. If the track made our IQ happily plunge, it went on the CD.

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    Drama, Vol. 1

    Ezra Pound said, “A civilized man is one who will give a serious answer to a serious question.” This CD of kick-butt royalty-free production music will help you pose that serious question to your audience. Through orchestral strings, gnarly distorted guitars and enormously bashy drums, these tracks say, “We've got a serious problem here.”

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    Hip Hop, Vol. 1

    Nothing makes you want to shake your money-maker like the deep thud of a TR-808 pattern. Hip hop, rap and RnB are a great way to stay trendy and relevant with your listeners. Random female vocal samples, chest-pounding bass tones and politically-charged drum beats are sounds that thrive right here in our home town of Hotlanta. We used local connections to bring you a world class CD of royalty-free hip hop tracks.

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    Country, Vol. 1

    Country music wears a lot of different faces today and they're all well represented in our production music library. Traditional country, rock country, bluegrass and more are wonderful tools to place your viewer in a rural mood before you even start telling your story. Mandolin, banjo, fiddle and more are just some of the instruments you'll find in this folksy, fun and friendly musical collection.

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    New Age, Vol. 1

    To us, the New Age movement was taken mainstream by those touristy, mountain villages. The candles, overpriced chachkas and burbling piano music went together so perfectly a music genre was born. This CD of stock new age music is intended to relax your audience while ever so gently tugging on their heartstrings. This is royalty-free music to which you can bathe, meditate, hypnotize and generally de-compress.

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    Energetic, Vol. 1

    The average resting heart rate is between 60 and 80 beats per minute. The tempo of most dance club music clocks in around 120 beats per minute. Coincidence? We think not. Music that feels rapid and rhythmic makes your audience more attentive and ready to learn. The royalty-free music on this super-caffeinated CD is designed to breathe much-needed energy into your video's opening and closing footage sequences.