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Forum / Customer Track Requests / Archived Track Request Submissions (12/2012)

Archived Track Request Submissions (12/2012)

These are posted responses by musicians for specific customer track requests prior to 12/2012.

  • JasonB Jan 28, 2011, 02:13

    I uploaded a "real" song with lead vocals today. If that's what you guys say you need, I'll keep em coming. It's called Ride the Dragon and it's on my profile. Have a listen and give me some feedback if ya like.

  • JasonB Jan 27, 2011, 07:04

    I just uploaded a "real song" with lead vocals. It's called ride the dragon with me on the lead vocals. Just thought I'd mention it. Would love some feedback. Cheers.

  • MusicRevolution1 Nov 18, 2010, 11:54

    A customer emailed this request to me:

    "I'm looking for a song (Annie like and/or JayZ hip
    hop like) that mirrors or approximates the song 'Hard Knock Life.'
    Any suggestions?"

    To suggest a track, please include title and link. You can create a MusicRevolution track link by fining your track in a search and clicking on the title.

  • MusicRevolution1 Jul 28, 2010, 14:19

    Wethought we'd pass along this request we've received in the past two weeks from a paying customer. If you have tracks like the ones described below and or have the resources to create something new, this customer will almost certainly consider purchasing them. Here's exactly that customer said:

    Request #1

    -“Do you happen to have any 1890-1900 sounding vocal pieces? These are for [a weekly television series] which is based in that era. It is important that they either ARE from that era, or sound very much like it and lack any modern day sounding elements - they are played from a Victrola, so authenticity is key.”

  • MusicRevolution1 Jun 29, 2010, 05:33

    Last week we had an international customer ask if we had any extra vocal tunes in the wings. By "vocal" they did not mean an "ooh" or "aah" here, but real songs with lead vocals. Right now we only have about 75.

    They weren't more specific, but if anyone has something like that please bring it on.

    Thanks for participating!

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