In August we wrote about selecting the right royalty-free music for sizzle reels. Sizzle reels, or demo reels, are a great way for organizations to provide a dynamic, multimedia overview of what they are all about. Music to be used for a corporate sizzle reel needs to be cleared for commercial use, otherwise the organization […]

With Halloween just a month away, we thought that we would highlight some of the great royalty-free music on ( that would be suitable for your Halloween production or for background music during Halloween. We have  great royalty-free music for Halloween. Check out these cool searches you can do on our site: A search […]

Featured Production Music Track Please Make It Stop by ideascapes music In 1978, Bob Marley departed London for Jamaica after a two-year, self-imposed period of exile.  He had just recorded Legend (later named by Time Magazine as the greatest album of the 20th century).  While in Jamaica, Marley performed a huge concert during which he […]

Featured Production Music Track Funk Bunk by Benny Hawes Sometimes the truth just has to get watered down so we all get along. Ask anyone their favorite type of music and they’ll tell you they like “all kinds of music”. Ask anyone which crowd they hung out with in high school and they’ll tell you […]

Featured Production Music Track Panic  by Salieri Music, Inc This impeccably produced horror movie soundtrack is great for causing bowel movements in neighborhood children everywhere, but it’s an absolutely dreadful musical choice for a budget meeting with your spouse. The loud percussion stabs that periodically chime in over the eery, quiet strings would eventually drive […]

Featured Production Music Track Quirky Bayou Funk Jam by Mike Bielenberg The vocalist singing the tag line at the end of this track is Fred Sawyer, a back-up singer with Isaac Hayes. Fred is one of the most in-demand session vocalists in Atlanta so I was really pumped about working with him. The track was […]

Featured Production Music Track: Land and Water by Chill Purpose Music that deftly helps the ADD mind stay in that sweet spot where many screens are open, much data is flowing, blood pressure is low and the FBI still hasn’t caught on yet. ___________________________________________________ Mike Bielenberg is a professional musician and co-founder of, a […]

Featured Production Music Track: “These Cannibals Will Eat You” by Elect Audio Profound, Ominous. Great for a character walking into a situation an being in awe. Like a reaction shot before seeing a futuristic city. ___________________________________________________ Mike Bielenberg is a professional musician and co-founder of, a production music marketplace with nearly 15,000 tracks online […]

(Trumbull, CT – September 7, 2011) – (, an innovative online marketplace for production music, today announced that its production music library now exceeds 15,000 tracks of royalty-free music. “With over 15,000 tracks of high-quality royalty-free production music online, our community of professional musicians has helped us to create one of the most comprehensive […]