In Part I of this series I described the tracking process behind the 1st of twelve production music tracks produced for our Free Music collection. Uber-guitarist Brad Long and I met every Friday at his home studio (Logic 8 running on a MacBook pro) with one creative goal: Write music tracks that belong in a […]

Check out this absolutely hilarious ad for the Toyota Sienna SE Minivan: This is just one in a series of spots created by Saatchi and Saatchi, Toyota’s ad agency featuring a suburban family of four that have dubbed themselves “the best parents ever.” Throughout the campaign, actors Brian Huskey and Rachel Drummond give a deadpan […]

Check out how this Super Bowl ad by Google gets so much emotional mileage out of a dead-simple piano track: The Behind-The-Scenes Story: Around 2009, Google Creative Labs decided to produce a YouTube video campaign featuring vignettes about people’s lives. The challenge was to accomplish this by showing only Google searches. They bid the creative […]

If you’re a musician who is interested in creating music for films and TV shows, you’ll enjoy this. In the fall of October 2009 I began a series of weekly tracking sessions with Atlanta-based guitarist/vocalist Brad Long (Matt Wertz, Seth Condrey). Brad and I each had different, but mutually beneficial goals going into what eventually […]