(, an innovative online marketplace for royalty-free music, today announced that its production music library now has more than 25,000 tracks of royalty-free music. “With over 25,000 tracks of high-quality royalty-free music online, our community of professional musicians has helped us to create one of the most comprehensive and dynamic production music libraries available […]

Location:Swansea,United Kingdom Member since: April 14, 2010 Tracks in portfolio on Over 1,300 (click here to hear all tracks) Background: Bobby Cole, also known as Catch 22 Music, composes fresh, exciting and new music specifically for the broadcast industry. Catch 22 Music has a range of royalty-free music that is perfect for video producers, computer […]

The right music in advertising can help you connect with your listeners and viewers to create an entertaining and memorable experience which can help to build your brand. And music can help you further target your advertising audience based on age and musical interests. We thought that we would highlight some of the royalty-free advertising […]

In part I of this blog series I promised to document my experience writing, producing and marketing a novelty song; with the ultimate goal being that I own the publishing rights to a song that has permeated culture. I decided that song would be “Poopy Diaper”. I should be upfront and say that anyone who […] has nearly 25,000 tracks of high-quality, royalty-free music online. also offers a variety of royalty-free music subscriptions that are a great value. For limited time, buy a 1-Year Complete Subscription (regularly $699.99 for up to 50 downloads) for only $599.99 and Save $100. That’s less than $12 for any track in our production music library. Tracks can be downloaded in either WAV […]

Location:Ossian, Indiana, U.S.A. Member since: April 10, 2012 Tracks in portfolio on 316 (click here to hear all tracks) Background: Michael Musco, also known as Musco Sound, is an award winning musician from theUnited States. He brings with him an impressive track record of success along with an ever growing library of new […]