In 2000, I was in Las Vegas for one night to play a gig with a cover band. We were to follow Bill Cosby at Caesar’s Palace for a corporate client whom I can’t remember. Of course I can’t tell you everything that happened in Vegas, but I can tell you the next day we […]

With Halloween just a month away, we thought that we would highlight some of the great royalty-free music on ( that would be suitable for your Halloween production or for background music during Halloween. We have  great royalty-free music for Halloween. Check out these cool searches you can do on our site: A search […]

A Juniper Research report released in January 2011 predicts that ringback tone advertising will reach $780 Million Annually by 2015. What exactly is a ringback tone? This video explains it quite well: The growth of mobile phone usage in certain Asian Pacific countries over the last few years has far outpaced the US due in large […]

From a UK-based film production company: “I’m looking for some unknown, unsigned British rock bands. I’m ideally trying to keep this British, so I would prefer a home grown band if possible. I’m looking for uplifting, Oasis-sounding, or borderline cheesy 80’s rock, along the Beverly Hills Cop/Top Gun lines.” If you have a track on MusicRevolution […]