To describe our new collection of retail background music, we’ve decided to revamp an old industry term…”indie”. As in “independent”. As in “music-made-on-the-artist’s-terms”. As in “created outside the sphere of label-controlled, market-driven, whats-our-ROI-on-this?” segment of the music world. Virtually none of the 45,000+ tracks in our library were produced by artists your parents/siblings have heard of. […]

We have 46,000 tracks covering every genre of music on ( Today’s featured track is “Inspiring Orchestral Pop Anthem” by This is a moving, orchestral track that is great for inspirational, corporate and advertising use. “Inspiring Orchestral Pop Anthem” (#001156501) Track Description— “Inspiring Orchestral Pop Anthem” – Here are keywords to describe […]

In 2005, Hollywood screenwriter Blake Snyder published Save the Cat!, a movie-maker’s help-guide that explained the governing dynamics behind every movie you’ve ever loved. Snyder’s explanation of concepts like “stating the B story theme”, “fun and games” and “whiff of death” was so down-to-earth, studio executives who read the book could hold their own in […]

We have over 45,000 tracks covering every genre of music on ( ). Today’s featured track is “Walking In Sunshine” by Joey Stebanuk. “Walking In Sunshine” is a happy, joyful pop rock instrumental. Good for motivational, corporate excitement and any media needing a bright energetic feel with a good wholesome vibe. “Walking In Sunshine” […]

Last week a new musician asked a great question. When uploading (or searching for) tracks on, you’ve no doubt noticed the “Applications” category. Each of our 45,000+ tracks has been tagged with some kind of “Application”. Yet we’ve never actually provided any examples of those applications. Allow me to remedy that. “Applications” are different […]