Love is in the air! A search on MusicRevolution for royalty-free “Valentine” tracks gave me 37 results. Here’s my favorite: “More Than She’ll Ever Know” by Stuart Moore Music. If you haven’t closed the deal by the time the trombone comes in at approximately 2:00 Stuart Moore himself will travel from Sacramento to give you […]

In December, a US federal judge ruled that the direct performance license deals created between DMX, a large provider of background to thousands of businesses, and major music publishers such as Warner/Chapel and EMI Publishing, did not constitute a breach in contract with BMI, the performing rights society that represents many of the songwriters who’s […]

Isn’t it funny how TV commercials have become the best way to find new bands? Subura picked a terrific song to advertise their new Forester. The song is “Powerful Stuff’” by San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Sean Hayes. I think the best part of this spot is when the subtle drum groove kicks in at :21: Here’s […]

Check out this Volkswagen Jetta spot that uses Pigeon John’s “Bomb” to underscore a digitally recreated Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelly dancing in the backseat. Good stuff: And here’s the full-length track by Pigeon John. This is exactly the kind of high energy, one-dimensional (I mean that in a good way) tracks that music supervisors […]

Location: San Ramon, CA, United States Of America Member since: November 28, 2010 Tracks in portfolio: 17 (click here to hear all tracks) Tracks We Like: Black Magic Falling Clouds 1. High profile projects or clients you have worked for? I’ve worked on hundreds, but a couple off hand I can think of are spots […]

Check out this Above the Influence TV commercial with an awesome urban soundtrack: If you like that track, we welcome you to peruse over 800 royalty-free hip hop production music tracks here. Enjoy! Mike Bielenberg

When we launched MusicRevolution and received our 1st round of music submissions, a legal question quickly surfaced: Can song titles be copyrighted? A great example is “Crazy”. Here’s a song title that means two totally different things to two different generations. Ask anyone born before 1965 to hum “Crazy” and they’re think you’re talking about […]

Once you are several hours into the process of creating a royalty-free production music track, it’s often difficult to see the forest for the trees. What’s the quickest and easiest way to see the forest? Here’s a great tool: Create an extra audio track within the starter template you use for most of your music. […]

We provide music comps to Tongal members who submit videos to contests. Tongal contests are normally sponsored by companies that pay out prize money for the best submissions (for details, visit It’s also important, for the sake of understanding this article, to know what the term User Generated Content means. People who view internet […]

Here’s another terrific TV commercial soundtrack. Incredibly well-produced electronica: Mike Bielenberg