This  spot recently took 1st prize in a contest to see what team could produce the best commercial for Dialogue Earth, a non-partisan think tank that focuses on environmental issues. The spot was written and produced by Chris Bookman and Dylan Walker, also known as Snap Brothers, who are college-students based in Texas. “We’ve entered […]

Years ago I wrote jingles and commercial soundtracks on a weekly basis. Most of those tracks were created on a handshake which worked for everyone involved. The producer got exactly the music they needed at the time they needed it. And I, the musician, acquired a small piece of property for which I could charge […]

1 year ago this month my good friend Chris Cardell and I launched a dream that is this very website upon which you gaze, oh reader. was our chance to make the kind of website that was too innovative, too fancy and too forward-focused to be created quickly by the kind of big stock […]

Yesterday I was riding back from an out-of-town music performance with my bandmates and we were listening to Imogen Heap in the van. All of us were mesmerized. At one point, our singer said, “I feel like I’ve just been hugged by music.” Musicians often ask me what style of music we need the most. […]