The longer I work in advertising, the more respect I gain for ad agency account executives who succeed at getting good creative pushed up through the chain of command. Oh to be a fly on the wall when the newly appointed chief marketing officer tries to explain the virtues of self-deprecation – on national television […]

If there’s any silver lining to the collapse of record sales, it’s that TV jingles got way better. National brands with advertising dollars are the new best option for a great song that must be heard by the world. And the creative team at BBDO New York recently hit a musical home-run by building an […]

This spot, released on Red Bull’s YouTube channel on July 2012, has the clear sensory advantage over other TV spots unlucky enough to be sharing air time with it. Why? First, the sheer culture shock of hearing a stuffy old British guy rhyming over a hip-hop track is enough to at least get your attention. […]

The usage of Mary Chapin Carpenter’s song “10,000 Miles” in the film Fly Away Home was cited on a forum I found as one the best “uses of a single song to accompany a film scene”. I’d have to agree . At almost six minutes in length, the music sequence at the end of the […]

The gunshot sound effect created by sound editors Jay Wilkinson and Jason Jennings under the direction of Albert Hughes for the Denzel Washington film the Book of Eli is absolutely awesome. From what I can tell, they put a long reverb tail on the gunshot sound, looped it in a waveform editor, then recorded some […]

Check out how Director Michael Moore brilliantly demonstrates what Congress what was really thinking as they sat and listened to the testimony of  US Airways Flight 1549 pilot Captain Chesley Sullenberger, who heroically landed a Airbus in the Hudson River just after both plane engines failed and got all 155 passengers to safety. Sullenberger wisely […]

The house groove in this spot for Norwegian Cruise Lines is so slammin’ we tracked down David Muhlenfield, the producer behind this great song for an interview. Muhlenfield is actually on staff at The Martin Agency, the advertising company who handled the entire campaign. Dave was kind enough to elaborate about his career, other projects […]

I once read a quote from a up-and-coming movie starlet about being on the David Letterman Show for the first time. “You’re sitting there talking to Dave, but your mind says, ‘That can’t be Dave Letterman, because Dave Letterman lives inside my TV.” A movie star’s cognitive functions may not be the best point of […]

The music that enters just after actress Sofia Vergara finishes her seductive pitch in this Cadillac Escalade commercial caught the attention of some my fellow musicians so I thought I’d post it here:

This  spot recently took 1st prize in a contest to see what team could produce the best commercial for Dialogue Earth, a non-partisan think tank that focuses on environmental issues. The spot was written and produced by Chris Bookman and Dylan Walker, also known as Snap Brothers, who are college-students based in Texas. “We’ve entered […]