Country music wears a lot of different faces today and they’re all well represented in our production music library. Traditional country, rock country, bluegrass and more are wonderful tools to place your viewer in a rural mood before you even start telling your story. Mandolin, banjo, fiddle and more are just some of the instruments […]

We have nearly 43,000 tracks covering every genre of music on ( ). This week’s featured track is “Going There” by Dan Phillipson. This is a driving, uplifting pop/rock track. “Going There” (#01695441) Track Description— Driving and uplifting pop/rock track with lots of guitars and powerful drums. A real sense of movement which […]

We have nearly 43,000 tracks covering every genre of music on ( ). Periodically, we like to feature a single production music track that we think is worth checking out. This week’s featured track is “One Shot One Kill” by Kora3000. This is an energetic, angry instrumental electronica track. “One Shot One Kill” (#00017006) […]

As extreme emotions rise within us all during these presidential primaries, keep in mind that angry thoughts, tearful breakdowns and power struggles are normal in marriage counseling. We’ll never agree on how to hang the toilet paper, but we’re stuck with one another. Listening to these patriotic tracks from our collection gives me respite from […]