Stern understands he is a supporting actor, not the star. Actor Michael Caine seemed perfectly happy getting an Oscar for doing that exact thing.

Subscribers now have the ability to see their full history of subscription downloads, including all track details and format, MP3 or WAV, and how many available downloads remain in their subscription.

I first learned of Spotify ( just about two years ago when I read a July 25, 2009 article in The New York Times by Brad Stone entitled “The Music Streams That Soothe an Industry.” At the time, my co-founder Mike Bielenberg and I were deep into the planning phase about the business model for this site,, an online marketplace for royalty-free production music

It’s generally known that, within certain limitations, copyrighted material can be used without obtaining permission from the rights holder if the usage is educational nature.

So what are those limitations?

A musician uploading tracks to our site recently asked how they can upload additional versions of their track to Here’s how that works:

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