Our Clash of The Music Titans series has been documenting the ongoing drama between ASCAP, BMI, SoundExchange, record labels and the U.S. Government; in their efforts to pay fair royalty rates to musicians. In today’s installment, we’ll answer the question: “How exactly do I get paid if my music is streamed on Pandora?” The short answer is…SoundExchange, […]

When Spotify started out, it took $1 billion in seed capital from Wall Street. As most of those arrangements go, 11 years later,  Spotify CEO Daniel Ek is racing to a place where he can rely less on those investors……and instead rely more on you and me. Companies go public for one reason; to raise […]

You’ll see similarities between your PRO membership and your SoundExchange membership: Both memberships are free. Both have a clause that permits you to negotiate deals directly with music buyers when that’s in your best interest (as publishers, we like that flexibility…alot).

Pandora recently announced that it will be raising its monthly subscription prices for the first time since its 2009 launch – once again bemoaning the rising costs of music royalty payouts. This whole matter is just two titans fighting about price; actually three titans, but the third one has been handcuffed. Pandora wants market share and thus has […]