Hip Hop and Rap music are a great way to stay trendy and relevant with your listeners. We thought that we would highlight some of the hip hop and rap royalty-free music on MusicRevolution.com (www.musicrevolution.com) that could be used for a range of purposes including TV and radio commercials, corporate videos, web videos, trade show […]

The usage of Mary Chapin Carpenter’s song “10,000 Miles” in the film Fly Away Home was cited on a forum I found as one the best “uses of a single song to accompany a film scene”. I’d have to agree . At almost six minutes in length, the music sequence at the end of the […]

“Temptations” by Acoustic Music Productions Click Here to Listen Perfect for: Company videos that begin by presenting a real head scratcher of a problem to the audience and use graphs and charts to explain it. All with a youthful enthusiasm of a 21-year-old Stanford grad student. This track is ideal for companies needing a compelling […]

One of the biggest contributing factors to the success of comedian Jerry Seinfeld was the fact that his content was profanity-free. The list of comedians who can make us laugh is pretty long, but just try to name comedians who make us laugh and not feel uncomfortable when grandma is nearby and you can’t get […]

New Age music is music of a range of styles intended to convey feelings of relaxation, inspiration and optimism. To us, the New Age movement was taken mainstream by those touristy, mountain villages and artists like Yanni. The candles, overpriced chachkes and burbling piano music went together so perfectly a new music genre was born. […]

Independence Day, or the 4th of July, honors the birthday of the United States of America and the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Independence Day is a Federal Holiday in the U.S. and it is celebrated with picnics, parades, concerts and fireworks. We thought that we would highlight some of […]

I’m currently doing some work for a small company out of Indiana who created a wicked cool marketing tool. This needs to be checked out by any business that uses or creates video. Most companies understand the concept of uploading the annual company video to a YouTube account.  And anyone who watches TV commercials understands […]