As music publishers, our job is to help musicians make money. As such, we’ve never steered musicians one way or another in terms of which performing rights organization is best for them to join. When we launched years ago, our assumption was that ASCAP and BMI were basically equal; in terms of responsiveness and in […]

Featured Royalty-Free Music Track – “Firm Faith” by SiLiN M – Emotional, Cinematic Music We have over 50,000 tracks covering every genre of music on ( This week’s featured track is “Firm Faith” by SiLiN M. This is an emotional, cinematic track that is perfect for any kind of broadcast programming and film. “Firm Faith” (#03249412) […]

1) Genesis – “We Don’t Ask” The sheer might of Audra Mae’s vocals is what drives this spot. For years, Mae has been a contributing writer and vocalist for The All-American Rejects, Sons of Anarchy (TV Show) and Avicii. Nice to finally see her name on the marquis. Agency: Innocean USA – Huntington Beach Music: […]