There’s a tourist attraction in my hometown of Atlanta – started by some friends years ago – called Metalsome Monday. It’s Karaoke – but with a genius twist: Heavy metal songs backed by a killer live band. It draws throngs of 80’s refugees, hipsters, club-goers and other types who normally wouldn’t be caught dead in […]

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Member since: April 28, 2010 Tracks in portfolio on 741 (click here to hear all tracks) –Background— Rick Dickert’s early musical studies resulted in bronze and silver medals from Trinity College of Music (London) for musical theory exams. Rick now offers composition and production music for use in television, […]

New Age music is music of a range of styles intended to convey feelings of relaxation, inspiration and optimism. To us, the New Age movement was taken mainstream by artists like Yanni, Enya, Kitaro,Vangelis and Philip Glass. We wanted to highlight some of the New Age royalty-free music on ( that could be used […]

Location: Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A Member since: June 24, 2010 Tracks in portfolio on 462 (click here to hear all tracks)  –Background— Richard Ames is a composer, arranger, and producer who has premiered compositions and arrangements with performing ensembles across the United States. His music also has appeared as underscore for feature films and […]

Country music covers a wide variety of musical styles, all of which are available in’s ( ) royalty-free music library. Traditional country, rock country, blue grass, American folk, western, hillbilly and more are great sounds to put your audience in a country mood before you even start telling your story. We wanted to highlight […]

Location: Ashford, United Kingdom Member since: May 25, 2014 Tracks in portfolio on 381 (click here to hear all tracks) –Background— Rob Neary of ROBERTNEARY is a guitarist and songwriter from the UK. ROBERTNEARY’s music has been featured in the Oscar nominated film “The Wrestler” as well as many others including “Carjacked” starring […]