As a way to give something back to the community, we’ve launched our Free Music Program for qualified schools, educational institutions and non-profit organizations ( Since our launch in April, we have had a tremendous response from musicians to contribute their music and participate in the online marketplace for production music. The production music […]

Last week we delved into a method of creating electronica tracks I learned from music technology maven and performance artist Craig Anderton through his excellent columns written for Keyboard magazine. Through this writing method – now dubbed the “mute party” – I have created production music tracks commissioned by IBM, and Dreamworks then later licensed […]

Years ago, high tech music guru Craig Anderton wrote a tutorial for Keyboard magazine outlining one of his very effective approaches to creating electronica music. Anderton was the editor of Electronic Musician until 1990 and has reviewed thousands of high tech music products. Though I am unable to cite the exact issue, the simple concept […]

In the previous installment of this blog series, I provided examples of what researcher Dan Levitin suggests are three types of songs that are not just important to us personally, but important from the standpoint of human evolution. In his book, The World in Six Songs (2009 Penguin Press), Levitin makes that case that human […]

In his 2008 book The World in Six Songs (2009 The Penguin Group), researcher Daniel J. Levitin creates a fascinating thread that connects findings in neuroscience, physiology, evolution theory, and anthropology. He suggests that your love of music speaks to something deeper in your DNA than the moment you discovered your parents’ record collection. A […]