The ukulele is often associated with music from Hawaii. When I hear the ukulele, descriptive terms such as happy, fun, joyful and uplifting come to mind. The use of the ukulele has become increasingly popular in music used for advertising. We have a great collection of royalty-free ukulele music on ( that could be […]

There are many lenses through which advertising geeks can view all the great spots that aired during Super Bowl XLVIII. We lay claim to the “underscore” lens. Unlike the Oscars, we don’t delineate between original score and original song. Why draw a line that is useless to the ad agencies who make the creative choices […]

Location: Auckland, New Zealand Member since: March 3, 2010 Tracks in portfolio on 287 (click here to hear all tracks) Background: The Sound Room is based in Auckland, New Zealand and produces high-quality original music. The team of Marshall Smith and Tom Fox compose music for film, documentaries, television, advertising, games and other […]

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States Of America Member Since: May 1, 2010 Tracks in Portfolio: 148 Tracks We Like: Catch_Me_If_You_Can Dark_Cry_Of_The_Soul_full Science_Friction The Interview: 1. High profile projects or clients you have worked for? Boeing, Microsoft XBOX 360, Toyota. 2. Primary instrument? Guitar was my first instrument and the one that still feels the […]