Recently, Art Holden, President of PresenterMedia, interviewed me to ask my thoughts about selecting the right royalty-free music for use as background music in PowerPoint and other presentations. We thought that this interview would be useful for our readers on Here is a summary: Art Holden, PresenterMedia: Many of our users are […]

1 year ago this month my good friend Chris Cardell and I launched a dream that is this very website upon which you gaze, oh reader. was our chance to make the kind of website that was too innovative, too fancy and too forward-focused to be created quickly by the kind of big stock […]

We provide music comps to Tongal members who submit videos to contests. Tongal contests are normally sponsored by companies that pay out prize money for the best submissions (for details, visit It’s also important, for the sake of understanding this article, to know what the term User Generated Content means. People who view internet […]

When producing a TV commercial, only enlightened creative teams consider the idea of context – how will this spot come across when book ended between an engaging TV show and a local car dealer spot? Corona’s ad agency of record, Cramer-Krasselt (based in Chicago) exploited this creative parameter to its maximum years ago when TV […]

We’ve launched our discussion forum, which is focused on the various aspects production music, to provide an additional resource to serve the community of professional and aspiring musicians that fuels Our objective with this forum is to create an online meeting place where our musicians can share their knowledge and experiences, and collaborate […]