St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday held every year on March 17 celebrating St. Patrick, perhaps the most recognized of the patron saints of Ireland. St. Patrick’s Day, also referred to as St. Paddy’s Day, is a day of cultural importance for the Irish and is a good day to have a parade or […]

We have over 42,000 tracks covering every genre of music on ( ). Periodically, we like to feature a single production music track that we think is worth checking out. This week’s featured track is “Snow Angels” by Adrian Sood Music. This is a moving, inspiring instrumental track. “Snow Angels” (#01576923) Track Description— […]

1) Jeep – “4x4ever” This spot topped our list because – instead of using a well-known popular song – DDB Chicago introduced us to an unknown song by an unknown artist. It’s refreshing to see agencies take risks like this. Agency: DDB Chicago Original Music: Morgan Dorr 2) T-Mobile – “Restricted Bling” If we judged […]

Scientists are still debating the validity of “The Mozart Effect” – the notion that listening to the music of Amadeus Mozart was the primary reason 12 test subjects performed better on an IQ test than test subjects who either listened to relaxation music..or complete silence. As a southerner who has never set foot in a […]