Computer and video games are a huge industry. According to a report from the Entertainment Software Association, consumers spent $25.1 billion on video games, hardware and accessories in 2010. This presents a great opportunity for both established video game production companies, as well as for independent and aspiring game developers. Of course, computer and video […]

When the 2000 film 13 Days was in development there were assumptions at the movie studio that Kevin Costner would play the part of president John F Kennedy. However Costner felt he could give the audience a grittier perspective by playing the part of Special Assistant to the President Kenneth O’Donnell,  a trusted aid to […]

     There have been cases of wedding photographers getting sued for using music online and in their wedding videos that are produced for commercial gain, including the Tony Romo wedding video that was published on YouTube this year using Coldplay’s “Fix You”. Apparently, the wedding photographer didn’t have permission to use Coldplay’s copyrighted track and […]

In 2000, I was in Las Vegas for one night to play a gig with a cover band. We were to follow Bill Cosby at Caesar’s Palace for a corporate client whom I can’t remember. Of course I can’t tell you everything that happened in Vegas, but I can tell you the next day we […]

Recently, Art Holden, President of PresenterMedia, interviewed me to ask my thoughts about selecting the right royalty-free music for use as background music in PowerPoint and other presentations. We thought that this interview would be useful for our readers on Here is a summary: Art Holden, PresenterMedia: Many of our users are […]

This 30 second usage of  the Lyle Lovett song “M-O-N-E-Y” at the The Firm starring Tom Cruise was a brilliant directorial choice on the part of Sydney Pollack. It encapsulates three story themes at the same time: 1) A wife setting the mood for a romantic evening with her husband 2) Their new home in […]