Years ago one of our best UK-based musicians, Sirius Child (creator of the awesome royalty-free downtempo track “Recline” , tipped us off about an emerging style of music called dubstep.  It’s a sub-genre of electronica that exploits low frequency ranges to a groin-tickling degree that’s never been done before. According Vance Kelly, a professional live […]

With Halloween just over a month away, we thought that we would highlight some of the great royalty-free music on ( that would be suitable for your Halloween production, for commercials or for background music during Halloween. We have a wide selection of royalty-free Halloween music. A search on for “Halloween” yields over […]

If there’s any silver lining to the collapse of record sales, it’s that TV jingles got way better. National brands with advertising dollars are the new best option for a great song that must be heard by the world. And the creative team at BBDO New York recently hit a musical home-run by building an […]

This spot, released on Red Bull’s YouTube channel on July 2012, has the clear sensory advantage over other TV spots unlucky enough to be sharing air time with it. Why? First, the sheer culture shock of hearing a stuffy old British guy rhyming over a hip-hop track is enough to at least get your attention. […]

Rock music is a musical genre or style that began as “rock and roll” in the 1950’s in the United States and then in the United Kingdom. Rock, which is generally centered around the electric guitar, was influenced by rhythm and blues, country and folk, among other genres. Our production music library contains heavy rock, […]

Online video production will account for more than one-third of all online advertising spending within the next five years, according to Borrell Associates (Borrell Associates, 2012 Annual Benchmarking Report—March 2012). Online video will be the fastest growing ad format in 2012 with almost 55% growth, according to eMarketer (eMarketer, U.S. Online Ad Spending Growth by […]