From a purely musical standpoint, the most innovative Super Bowl commercial this year featured no music at all.

Carnival Cruise Lines won us over with grand ocean imagery that should have been accompanied by profound, epic music. So imagine our surprise when the huge, panoramic shots were underscored by the singular, crackling voice of JFK delivering this speech

As publishers we’ve observed that every year the music licensing world sanctions a list of tracks that
perfectly embody the emotions that really matter to a story (or a product purchase). Our congratulations to Album Leaf for getting on that list in 2012 and being responsible for the track we
think most beautifully expressed “poignant sadness” in 2012.

Location: Weehawken, NJ, United States Of America Member since: December 26, 2010 Tracks in portfolio on 144 (click here to hear all tracks) It is the song that drives this artist. Never bound by “formula,” Joi’s style has exploded through his gravitation to the guitar as his main songwriting tool. His drumming background has […]

In January 2013, TuneCore, a giant of independent music distribution, made industry headlines when it’s founder/CEO Jeff Price was ousted by the company’s new group of investors. The reason? A $500.00 bed & breakfast charge on Price’s expense report that the new owners insist was fraudulent because the receipt was in Word format*. Employees were […]

          Location: Mountlake Terrace, WA, United States of America Member Since: April 29, 2010 Tracks in Portfolio: 442 (click here to hear all tracks) Tracks we Like: “A Hard Drive” The Interview: High profile projects or clients you have worked for? Andy Williams, Dr. John, Rod McKewen, Lalo Y Los Descalzos, Los Tiranos Del Norte. Primary […]

  There are three basic ways that music is used by individuals and businesses. For each of those three ways, there is a specific type of license. (synchronization, public performance and mechanical respectively). It’s important for both music buyers AND the music sellers to have a basic understanding of these three licenses. This infographic is […]

     We launched ( with the vision of creating an online marketplace where a community of professional and aspiring professional musicians could offer their production music for license on a royalty-free basis to music buyers who had a need for affordable, high-quality music for commercial purposes.      In the 18 months since we launched, […]

Stern understands he is a supporting actor, not the star. Actor Michael Caine seemed perfectly happy getting an Oscar for doing that exact thing.

Years ago I wrote jingles and commercial soundtracks on a weekly basis. Most of those tracks were created on a handshake which worked for everyone involved. The producer got exactly the music they needed at the time they needed it. And I, the musician, acquired a small piece of property for which I could charge […]

The popular dating website licensed this great song by Amos Transparent, a six-piece group out of Canada, to tell this very touching split-screen story: “Find Your Other Half” The song is called “After All That It’s Come To This” . Here’s the full length version. Enjoy! ___________________________________________________ Mike Bielenberg is a professional musician and […]