The “Select Influences” feature is one of the innovative aspects of the “Advanced Search” function on While musicians and music buyers may describe music by using terms such as “classical”, “orchestral”, “symphonic”, “cinematic”, “inspiring” and “strings”, they often think of the production music that they are looking for based on the sound and feel of a […]

With Christmas just over a month away, we wanted to highlight some of the excellent royalty-free music on ( that could be used for Christmas and the Holiday season for your media projects and for background music. We have an extensive selection of royalty-free Christmas music. A search on for “Christmas” yields over […]

Location: Blue Island, Illinois, U.S.A. Member since: March 3, 2010 Tracks in portfolio on 109 (click here to hear all tracks) –Background— In 2000, Vincent and composer partner Kathyjo Varco formed the music production house Big Sound Music and released a collection of compositions, ranging from quirky lullaby’s through truly-funky street rhythms, all […] has over 32,000 tracks of high-quality, royalty-free music online. also offers a variety of royalty-free music subscriptions that are a great value. For limited time, buy a 1-Month Complete Subscription (regularly $249.99 for up to 10 downloads) for only $199.99 and Save $50. That’s less than $20 for any track in our production music library. Tracks can be downloaded in either WAV […]

You’ll see similarities between your PRO membership and your SoundExchange membership: Both memberships are free. Both have a clause that permits you to negotiate deals directly with music buyers when that’s in your best interest (as publishers, we like that flexibility…alot).

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. With the U.S. Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2014, less than a month away, we wanted to highlight some of the royalty-free music on ( that could be used for your Thanksgiving media projects and for background music during this holiday.   […]