Sitting in the producer chair as a vocalist pours her/his heart into your track is a bit like holding a nest of baby birds in your hand. You can be too rough and cause bruising. You can care too much and smother. Or you can be indifferent and let in the snakes. These choices may […]

We have nearly 44,000 tracks covering every genre of music on ( ). Today’s featured track is “Tangolot” by Scewby Mundo. This is a fun, funny, quirky, lighthearted track with a Latin feel that is perfect for advertising, broadcast programming and film where a little humor is required. “Tangolot” (#00000287) Track Description— Tango […]

There are at least five ways to cook mountain oysters until they’re hot; same goes for our music. We totally cooked the books when creating this “Hot 25” list of royalty-free tracks from 2015. Was the track super-awesome, but didn’t necessarily beat other tracks in terms of sales? On the list it went! Did the […]

Memorial Day is a United States holiday held on the last Monday of each May honoring all Americans who have died in wars for our country. We salute and thank the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country, our freedom and the American way of life. With Memorial Day, […]