I spoke with one of our musicians on the phone this week who asked a great question: “What tracks are making sales on your website right now?”.  Here are some royalty-free production music tracks that have enjoyed sales in recent months: Colin Willsher “Believe” Jon Cooper “Electrotek” Shockwave-Sound “Fade To Black” Sonic Imagery “World of […]

New York-based sound designer Bill Milbrodt led a 22-person team to build musical instruments created with car parts from the Ford Focus. Composer Craig Richey then wrote a score to which was performed for this commercial by these musicians who mastered the music in just two rehearsals. Amazing. Here’s the specific list of instruments created […]

There’s a great book by Julie Cameron called The Artists Way that teaches habits to unclog your creative process and get in touch with your “inner creative child”. You may be thinking, “That sounds great for a weekend getaway in the mountains, but my client is expecting a great pop song by Thursday. What do […]

From a UK-based film production company: “I’m looking for some unknown, unsigned British rock bands. I’m ideally trying to keep this British, so I would prefer a home grown band if possible. I’m looking for uplifting, Oasis-sounding, or borderline cheesy 80’s rock, along the Beverly Hills Cop/Top Gun lines.” If you have a track on MusicRevolution […]

This New York Times article explains how the producers of Oscar-nominated The Kings Speech got a world-class soundtrack virtually free of charge – by selling the rights to the score before was even created. Click here to read “A New Model for Film Music” ___________________________________________________ Mike Bielenberg is a professional musician and co-founder of http://www.musicrevolution.com, […]

From an Atlanta-based audio post company: “Do you have a library piece that is in the spirit of Black Eyed Peas “I’ve got a feeling”? If not something hip and fun that we can license for a corporate meeting.” If you have a track on MusicRevolution that fits this description, please click on the link […]

A direct performance license is when the publisher of a song and a business that wishes to use that song decide to work directly together instead of going through a performing rights society like ASCAP or BMI. There are several scenarios where this makes the most sense for everyone: 1) The end user is unable […]

“Thinking music” is one of the most frequently used aesthetics in broadcast advertising. Spots that employ this approach normally open with an onscreen actor asking, “Have you ever thought about….”. A pioneer in this style of music was certainly composer Thomas Newman, who assembled exotic configurations of percolating mallet percussion instruments to create his score […]

Occasionally musicians will experience difficulty getting our website to accept the way their tracks are formatted. Here are things you should know before uploading to make the process go smoother: 1) For every track you submit, you’ll need both a WAV version (16 bit, 44kHz) and an MP3 version (192 kbps Constant Bit Rate). Different […]

The popular dating website www.plentyoffish.com licensed this great song by Amos Transparent, a six-piece group out of Canada, to tell this very touching split-screen story: “Find Your Other Half” The song is called “After All That It’s Come To This” . Here’s the full length version. Enjoy! ___________________________________________________ Mike Bielenberg is a professional musician and […]