There is a phenomenon among live musicians that is unmistakable when it happens, but hard to label. So I’m creating a label for it….”road tight”. “Road tight” is the telepathy that occurs between musicians who have been on the road together for many weeks and have learned each other’s idiosyncrasies (both personal and musical). They’ve […]

We have nearly 49,000 tracks covering every genre of music on ( ). This week’s featured track is “An Unfinished Life” by katcamusic. This is a beautiful, dramatic, moving track. “An Unfinished Life” (#02072532) Track Description— “An Unfinished Life” – Romantic and emotional track for your motivational and uplifting presentations, advertising, promotional videos, […]

We have over 48,000 tracks covering every genre of music on ( ). A few weeks ago we highlighted our extensive collection of Christmas and Holiday music. Since we are still in the Holiday season, we wanted to feature a single Holiday track that is worth checking out. This week’s featured track is “Holiday […]

Two years ago my band made a conscious decision to release our music upon the world the way the world prefers…shareable on YouTube. With a gorgeous lead singer, some digital savvy, and enough ADHD to ensure our songs will always be short; we felt the raw ingredients were there. Two years (and seven videos) later, […]