This week, we continue our feature of music created by musicians who are NOT members of Performing Rights Organizations such as ASCAP & PRS. You can subscribe to any of these streams here. 1) Retail Dreams When you wander into a trendy clothing store, you don’t recognize every song lulling you to the cash register. […]

We have over 50,000 tracks covering every genre of music on ( This week’s featured track is “Chillout Lounge Nirvana” by ColourTunes. This is a relaxing chill out track that is perfect for any kind of background music in advertising, presentations, spas and retail environments. “Chillout Lounge Nirvana” (#04827974) Track Description— “Chillout Lounge Nirvana” — […]

A push back we sometimes get from business owners when discussing NonPRO music for their retail locations is their concern about quality. “If these musicians don’t belong to a union, are they any good?” they say. Background music is a business market like any other. And currently it’s over regulated; which creates opportunities. Like the […]