Soundminer is a standard by which an audio file can be digitally tagged with information about its creator, its style, where it was recorded, who conducted the orchestra, what microphone was used, which movie scene it was for, which PRO the composer belongs to, etc. In most broadcast or feature film media projects, audio files typically pass through dozens of digital workstations before the final product is rendered.

Questlove, Jimmy Fallon’s music director for many years, has acended to icon-status due to a long collaborative history with artists like Jay-Z, The Roots, Christian McBride and D’Angelo. The moment Fallon debuted as Johnny Carson’s…er, sorry…Jay Leno’s replacement the world had its new Doc Severinsen. Personally, my favorite part of Questlove’s Wikipedia page is “Thompson […]

When mixing a music track, it’s always been a best practice to frequently alternate between sets of speakers. But  in our increasingly mobile world, you must now mix for a variety of mobile devices as well. In an effort to make this easier for you, has conducted a series of empirical listening tests and […]

I recently learned about Vidaao (, an online marketplace for video production and video producers. I thought Vidaao would be of interest since many of our readers and customers on ( are video producers or companies that also purchase video production services. This isn’t surprising since video is naked without sound or music. Video […]

Earlier this week we announced the grand opening of our new and improved online forums. And it’s a long time coming. As we were preparing press releases and emails to announce this overhaul the working title in my head was “Our forums don’t suck anymore!”. In fact they’re way cool now. Check out this video […]

     Many of our readers and customers on ( are video producers. This isn’t surprising since video is naked without sound or music. Video producers usually need music to complete their video or multimedia productions.      I recently came across Best Vendor ( ). Best Vendor is a resource for finding the best work […]

The 2003 Pixar film Finding Nemo illustrates a rarely used directorial technique wherein the soundtrack, composed by Thomas Newman, intentionally drowns out dialog between characters that would normally be too important to miss. Near the end of the film, there’s an emotional scene where Nemo hears stories about the brave acts his father is doing […]

This post was provided by our friends at Daddy Van Productions, a concert video production. From working with massive bands that have attained international stardom like Maroon 5 and Disturbed, to working with classic hair metal groups on a reboot like Motley Crue and Aerosmith, Daddy Van artist Charlie Terrell has carved out a niche […]

After some of these recent requests, we specifically tagged a select group of tracks that we think will work well for many sizzle reels.

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